Many of the couples we work with do a engagement photo session, and we often print save the dates using one of the photos. Most are great photos of the couple with the Baltimore harbor in the background, or taken with the couple at an interesting location downtown, or leaning against a fence or a tree in the country. We do love it when they get creative, really think outside the box, and take photos that truly reflect the couple’s personalities. One of my favorites was taken of a couple on their horses, jumping a fence together – they are avid riders and met through their love of horses.

But I think this engagement photo will always be the ultimate “think outside the box and capture personality” photo. It is breath-taking, awe-inspiring and heart-stopping all at the same time. Taken by The Hearnes Adventure Photography at sunrise in Moab, Utah. The couple in the photo are acrobats and educators. Follow them on instagram @chelleslacks @sylvanslacks to see more. Wow, wow, wow! If anyone has an engagement photo that tops this one in creativity, we would love to see it!



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